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The Colours of Conceit

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"Dawn-To-Dark" by DAIサマ (Site)
.::Chapters::. 1//2//3//
.::Summary::.Following The Beautiful Suzuki, a day in the life of he and his roommates. A typical Saturday in the house of Chuu, Suzuki, Shishi Wakamaru, Jin, Rinku, and Touya. Also the story of love between Suzuki and... his fish? .::Category::.General/Humour .::Rating::. PG-13

"Shishi Got Dumped" by Neko-Youkai-chan
.::Summary::. What happens when our poor little Shishi is dumped for the very first time? Now it's up to Touya, Jin, Chu, Rinku, and Suzuka to snap him out of his depression. Wait, What's up with Suzuka? .::Category::. Humour/Parody .::Rating::. PG-13

"Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner" by Neko-Youkai-chan
.::Chapters::. 1//2//3//4
.::Summary::. When Shishi breaks the vacuum Suzuka is determined to not only fix it, but make it better! Poor Chu, Rinku, Shishi, Jin, and Touya. What horrors will they face, and why is Jin afraid of a toaster? .::Category::. Humour/Action/Adventure .::Rating::. PG-13

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