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The Colours of Conceit

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About Suzuki

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

.::Name/Title::. (Utsukushii Matouka) Suzuki ((In the dubbed anime, he is refered to as "The Beautiful Demon Fighter Suzuki," "The Beautiful Martial Artist Suzuki," "The Sublime Martial Artist Suzuki," or "The Beautiful Suzuki." His name also changes from Suzuki to Suzuka to Suzuku, and most likely others that I have not stumbled across yet. Can you say "indecision?"))
.::Hair::. Blond
.::Eyes::. Blue/green/gray ((A type of mixture of the three, really.))
.::Race::. Demon
.::Sex::. Male
.::Age::. Unknown; old ((I assume.))
.::Height::. 5'6"-5'10" ((WITHOUT HAIR)) 5'11"-6'0" ((WITH HAIR))
.::Weight::. Unknown; under 200 lbs ((Good estimate?))
.::Previous Alias::. Onji (old man), Utsukushii Matouka Suzuki, a clown/jester ((He dropped the title until the Makai Bujutsukai, and ditched the costume.))

.::Persona::. Suzuki is a rather interesting character... The first thing that jumps out at most people about him (besides his being a clown, or his very Vashu-esque hair) is his "pride;" but is he really "proud?" Hell no. He's vain. Vain, conceited (hence the site title), narcasistic, et cetera. For example, in the Ankoku Bujutsukai (Dark Tournament), Koto (the neko youkai announcer girl), forgets to say "Utsukushii Matouka" (or "The Beautiful," if going by the dubbed version) before Suzuki's name, so he throws a card at her in rage; sadly, the rapidly spinning card misses, and kills the guy behind her. (Poor guy.) That's an example of how "proud" of himself he is.
        Suzuki is silly, for lack of better words, on a second note. "Comedic" could be a better choice. He likes to have fun. During the beginning of the Makai Bujutsukai saga, when they are planning the whole mess, everyone had to be quiet in one scene so not to interupt Yomi and Yuusuke's conversation in the other room, therefore communicating by writing on a sheet of paper and holding it up like a sign. Kurama asks the team (Chuu, Suzuki, Rinku, Jin, Touya, and Shishiwakamaru) if they'd like to choose Yomi's or Yuusuke's side, and Shishi is the only one who does not hold up a sign agreeing to be on Yuusuke's side; his says "still thinking." So Suzuki comes over with a marker, crosses what Shishi wrote out, and writes "Yuusuke" below it; it's a very humourous scene, ESPECIALLY in the dubbed anime. (I nearly laughed myself into a coma when I heard Suzuki's tonation.)
        He's calm, in a sense; well, at least what I consider calm... calmer than Jin, Rinku or Chuu, how's that! He's rather serious at times, though a lot of it is in a comedic way. Suzuki is one of the few who don't talk often; example, Shishiwakamaru (a supposed friend of Suzuki's), or Touya. But it always is worth while when he does talk, because he's not dumb. And usually says something that will be worth a laugh. (Ex. "I mean Yuusuke." ...I really can't get over that.) 
        All in all, he's a vain, self-obsessed humourist, who is able to keep calm (except when his ally, who put up a great fight, is eaten by a big monster with lots of teeth; in those cases, he is forced to scream their name and stand wide-eyed and flabbergasted with his mouth awide, in a funny-looking sketchy form). Unlike Touya or Jin, I would not consider Suzuki one of those who have been able to keep his sanity from living in Makai. He's close, but I still would not consider him sane; he's got a few loose screws up there. (Maybe he's a super-genius; so smart, that he's on the brink of insanity... The world may never know.)

.::Relationships::.  Suzuki, the ever so popular ex-clown. Well... Not really.
Shishiwakamaru - - Originally, Shishiwakamaru was on Onji's team (Uraotogi) in the Ankoku Bujutsukai (Dark Tournament). He's a samurai (though still very young, for he holds the boyhood suffix of 'wakamaru;' see Minamoto no Yoshitsune/Ushiwakamaru folktales), and very skilled at that. A bird demon, Shishi is known for his dark lavender-coloured feathery hair-style. Onji made him his sword in the Ankoku Bujutsukai, and a second afterwards. Three years pass, and I believe that most are spent with him, training as Yomi's subordinates in a team Kurama formed. They then attended the Makai Bujutsukai to-gether. When Shishiwakamaru nearly died, it was quite obvious that Suzuki cared. I doubt that there is any romance here (though I am an avid fan of the pairing), but I highly suspect even the slightest of friendships.
Koto - - Koto, the demonic feline announcer in both the Ankoku Bujutsukai and Makai Bujutsukai, is the only romantic anything in relation to Suzuki. And there wasn't even a romance there! It was completely one-sided? Why? Because Suzuki's already in love! With who? Himself, of course! Koto reveals in the last installment of Yuu Yuu Hakusho (in the manga, at least) that she did indeed have a crush on Suzuki. On national (Makai-wise) television, no less! (But she wasn't alone, at least; Juri and Ruka revealed their crushes, too.) She decided that Suzuki was too selfish for her taste, and that she needed someone that she could rely on more. But you must wonder if the reason she liked him was because he attempted to kill her with a playing card, or simply because he's pretty...
Chuu, Rinku, Jin, and Touya - - They were his team- and room-mates during the time when Suzuki and they were working for Yomi on Kurama's arranged team. There's not much sign of any actual relationships here, maybe the slightest hint of the tiniest friendships... But really, they're not all too close.

Battle Moves

.::Rainbow Cyclone::. A series of rainbow-coloured banners are strung throughout the proximity, hitting the opponent with tenacious force. (His favourite attack.)
.::Dark Ball::. A black orb, glowing green, swallows up the opponent, and transports them to another location or realm.
.::Rainbow Cyclone Extra Flash (Japanese) /Rainbow Cyclone Reflux (Dubbed)::. A series of colourful streamers is shot out of the palm of his hand in various directions; it seems that when the streamers hit their targets, the sky turns to a rainbow coloured flag, horizantally striped. [[...::coughSuzukettecough::]]
.::??? (Energy Ray?)::. A large beam of silvery energy shoots from his hand; very much like Urameshi Yuusuke's "Reigan" except with youki rather than reiki.
[[999 More Attacks Yet to Discover!]]