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The Colours of Conceit

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"The day is here at last, huh?" Referring to the Makai Bujutsukai, speaking to Yuusuke.
"They said that all 6272 participants will be split up into blocks of 49 each, which will then go through the preliminaries." Referring to the Makai Bujutsukai, speaking to Yuusuke and Touya.
"Everyone seems to winning smoothly, huh?" Speaking to Touya about their team-mates victories. (Shishiwaka gets eaten, then shrinks into an imp and giggles. It's funny, especially the face Suzuki makes.)
"We're going to fight like we mean it!" To Jin, after both Chuu and Rinku fell in love. (Not... with each other. I've seen that pairing before. Rinku with Sasuga, and Chuu with Natsume.)

[[Apparently not after Christmas. More to come after March 18th.]]