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The Colours of Conceit

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E-mail questions to or leave them in your guestbook entry.
1.) nun 0f d15555zzzz cuz i cant reda it omg arnet eye stoopdi! lol NO CHATSPEAK! Learn to type, or I will not accept your questions.
2.) No questions that cannot be answered publicly. I.E. Any questions having to do with his "goo-goo" or any other crude things as such. No obscenities, please.
3.) Leave your name, and tell me if you wish your e-mail address and/or website URL to be displayed.
Thank you very much! (*^^*)

Korinagain (site) writes:
"Hmmm...What is your favorite Ice cream?
Do you like dogs or cats....?
What type of underwear is your favorite?"
Suzuki replies:
"Hmm... Ice cream's kind of sweet for me, and isn't so good for your body, considering all the fat and sugar and stuff... But I think I'd have to say Mint-cookie dough!
I'm allergic to dogs. And cats. Neither. If anything, I like fish; they're the best pets in the world...!"
...Boxers? Briefs? Fruit of the Loom? ...I like Fridays*."
*"Free-ballin' Fridays" No underwear... oo'''

"HI SUZUKI! =^-^= I have three questions for you, ifen you don't mind answering them... :3
Number One: What's your favorite colour?! X3 (Rainbow, perhaps? O.o)
Number Two: Do you like manga? If so, what's your favorite series?
Number Three: Are you a natural blonde?
That's all! ^_^
Suzuki replies:
"1.) It seems you know me very well! Rainbow! Or yellow; did you know the colour yellow signifies beauty?
2.) I don't read much. I stare at pictures in magazines. I watch some anime occasionally, but Makai's pretty different from Ningenkai, so I doubt you'll know of the shows. I do like watching The Biggest Loser and C.S.I. though, and I read Reader's Digest occasionally. Does that count?
3.) That's like asking if I was naturally beautiful! Of course I am! I would never try to hide my beauty. If I was, parchance, to dye my hair, which would never happen, I would dye it maybe a slight shade lighter or darker than my actual hair colour. I wouldn't even do it to make me 'more beautiful,' which isn't possible by the way. I think I'm about as beautiful as a person can get! I sizzle when I walk bare-footed on the sidewalks in the summer! ...Yes, I'm a natural blonde.
You should love me; I love me, too. I'm not kidding, really, but I love you too, I guess... Heh."

Avi-chan (site) writes:
- Why are you so obsessed with colors?
- Why did you choose to be an inventor, and where did you learn?
- Why on EARTH did you wear that ridiculous clown costume to the Ankoku Bujutsukai?
- ...Are you gay? (Sorry, had to ask.)"
Suzuki replies:
"- I believe colours to show how you feel and who you are. Hiei, Touya, and Shishiwakamaru dress in little or the same colour constantly, and they are rather grim and non-fun people. (Sorry Shishiwaka and Touya!) Jin wears a lot of white which shows how free he feels, I guess. All colours signify something; white is freedom, red is love or romance, black is death or grimness, yellow is beauty, et cetera. So the more colours you wear and fancy show what kind of person you are and how various your character traits are. I have a nice personality, and all the colours in the rainbow fit in with me and signify what I am like. Colours tell a person about your persona. It's as simple as that.
- I chose to be an inventor because I truly find creating FASCINATING. To come up with an idea, pull it off and tamper wth it, warping it into something super cool, and bringing it into the world is something that can bring pride to one's heart. And I am very proud of my ability to create. I haven't created much recently, but I still have some ideas once in a while; I've been focusing on fighting a lot. Believe it or not, I taught myself. Aren't I smart!
- IT WAS NOT RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! How dare you! I was beautiful in my clown-suit! Anyway. First of all, I did not come to the Ankoku Bujutsukai as a clown; I came as an old man. But no matter. I know what you mean. Shock-value could be a part of it, and it showed a lot about my personality; I'm fun-loving, wonky and humorous (I think) like a clown. Also it was ironic: To dress as a clown for a martial arts tournament would give the impression that you would "clown around" and most likely lose the fight, but I didn't quite clown around. ...Maybe just a little. ...And I did lose... ...Ah, shut up!
- ...I wish I was having this conversation with you in person; you wouldn't be able to see straight and your nose would come out the back of your head. NO. I have no sexual preference. I'm not STRAIGHT really, though I do like women; I like myself above all. I think this is called 'metro' in common tongue, but I'm not sure. I could be labeled as 'asexual' because I don't seek out a romance. I do what I feel I need to do, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and I'm done within twenty minutes or so. The end! No, I'm not gay, no I'm not STRAIGHT (I am for 10-20 minutes when I feel like it), and no I'm not bisexual. Leave me alone and buy me another mirror. Gosh."

Unolai writes:
"Have you ever danced naked in the rain? If not, you should!
It's fun!! Ever tried to lick your elbow? If I close the door of
the fridge, where does that little light go? Is there a
secret-little-fridge-light-world that we don't know of? Are they plotting to
take over the world? If yes, where can I sign up?

P.s.: I'm dangerously sugar high....CAN YOU TEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeLL?????"
Suzuki replies:
"...No. I don't think I've ever danced naked in the rain. Public indecency is illegal. Yes, I've tried to lick my elbow, and I nearly succeeded. But Shishiwaka got angry (coughJEALOUScough) and slapped me upside the back of my head so that I couldn't. There's a peg in the door that presses the switch to that light when you close it. When the peg's not on it, it turns on. When it is, the electricity stops running to the lightbulb. The light goes nowhere, but I do know an organization that is trying to claim they know and rule the place where the light in the fridge goes. Yes, they are plotting world domination, and you can sign up to join at: 777 Yfgeniwitz Circle, North Hibalababingbong Territory in Llama Land. The National Society of Proclaimed Elbow-Lickers is about 22 miles off from there, in West Shabalabadingdong Palace. Just tell them you're looking for 'splurpleberry pie.' (Yes, I can tell you're sugar high. But I have pocky, so it beats whatever you have. <3)"

Kamaya Nekoi writes:
"Hey hey I got a question. 'What's IS your favorite color? Or favorite band, whichever is more fun to answer'"
Suzuki replies:
"Hey, hey, I've got an answer! Favourite colour, as predicted, would generally be all, or 'rainbow,' if that's even considered a colour (which I believe it is); but if that's not what you're looking for exactly, and wanted a specific favourite colour, then I'd have to say my favourite colour is yellow. As for favourite band, I couldn't tell you. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. The Dresden Dolls and Dir en Grey with Touya, DJ Taka (<3!!!) with Rinku (and other stuff like it... "Beep beep beep!"), ..."Cruachan" and "Flogging Molly" with Jin*, Motion City Soundtrack and L'Arc~en~Ciel (<3) with Shishiwakamaru... B'z, Johnny Cash (Walk The Line = GREAT FILM!), Pink Floyd, et cetera (old stuff, basically) with Chuu... Bands and musicians I like that I've discovered on my own would be: Kitajima Saburo, Go Hiromi, Psycho le Cemu (but I'm tiring of them, though they've sadly splitten up. Jin, Rinku and Shishi have been mourning their death. If I hear "Roman Hikou" one more time, I'm going to kill myself!), Ramones ("Beat on the Brat;" referring to Rinku), hide (not a fan of X-Japan), Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois (Touya loves the last two, along with Shishi; Jin and Rinku and Chuu hate them. It's so much fun. Shishiwaka and I are escorting Rinku for trick-or-treating this year. I'm Gackt, he's Mana. Jin is following as Lida from PLC... Psh. What a freak), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Chuu likes them now, because they cover really old songs),  Dashboard Confessional, Less Than Jake, and Oasis. PHEW! Thing is, I rarely listen to music, yet there's so much I like! Thank Heaven for those things in the stores that let you preview CDs! I'm going to shut up now... I don't even like talking too much! Gosh! I must be possessed!
(P.S. Kurama has lovingly introduced me to Hamasaki Ayumi, Barry Manilow, Miyavi, and the Brothers Gibb, more commonly known as "The Bee Gees." STAYIN' ALIVE!!)
*Excuse the pun

Ichigo writes:
"Hi Suzuki! Okay, here's a few questions for you. I hope they're not too personal or annoying! - You saw Genkai in her young form, right? Do you think she's pretty (not as beautiful as you of course!)? Heh, she's my favorite next to you, so I was just wondering. - Which girl (like Keiko, Botan, Yukina) would you most likely fall in love with? Or do you like guys...? - What's your favorite animal? - Are you single? - Can I kiss you? ^__^ Thanks, and I love you! *sigh*"

Suzuki replies:
"Yes, I saw Genkai in her young form. I suppose she was pretty. I tried to forget and block it all out, though. Do you REALIZE how many months of SHISHIWAKAMARU I went through after that? I tried to forget Genkai entirely, simply because he was irritating. How weird is that! (Damn right; no one's as beautiful as me.) Um, I guess, if anything, I'm 'metro.' I suppose that Koto girl would be the most likely person for me. She proclaimed her love for me on television! But then she called me selfish! There's a difference between conceit and selfishness! (<-- A really weird looking word) My favourite animal is a kinkachu. Or a kiwi. They're funny looking! Yes, I am single, and not looking; sorry. Yeah, sure, kiss me. (Good luck with that; I'll send you flowers when you hit your head too hard on the computer screen and have to be hospitalized.) ...I love you, too? ::not sigh::"

Bowserjr writes:

Hey, Suzuki! How are you doing? I have a couple of questions for you.
-Have you ever lost Shishi when he was in his little bird form?
-Can you understand Jin when he talks? (I can’t @..@)
-I’m dying my hair, but I haven’t figured out what colors. I’m thinking the top layer blue, bottom layer hot pink, and my bangs green. What do you think?
-Have you ever found a leprechaun at the end of you rainbow attack? If you have, was it Jin playing a prank on you?
-Do you think it’s safe to go play outside when its negative 12 degrees and snowing?
- And finally, can I bare one of your kids? Please?

Suzuki replies:

I'm doing fine, thanks. I hope you're doing the same.
- Yes! O my Gosh, you're the first person to ask that! Let me tell you one particular story. We had went to a festival for Kodomonohi (yes, I realize I've mentioned this holiday a lot, but it's just coincidental), and Shishiwaka was tucked in my kimono belt. (I wear them occasionally.) He didn't want to be bugged by children. I ended up having to chase after Rinku who was chasing Jin who was chasing Touya who was chasing Chuu who was drunk (surprise, surprise) and had pissed Touya off. (Jin was trying to catch them and beat Chuu up, Rinku was trying to catch them and beat Jin up for beating Chuu up, and I was trying to catch them so I could keep everyone from beating each other up. Did I mention Touya was trying to beat Chuu up?) Well, Shishi fell from my belt. And we lost him. We never found him. HE DIED. No, I'm kidding. We never found him at the park, but when we got home, he was on the couch watching Heyx3.

- I don't usually listen when Jin speaks in English (which is getting less and less often), but I understand him well enough when he speaks Japanese. Right now I'm even teaching him French. ...He sucks at it.

- I think that is very... eccentric. I think if you MUST dye your hair (I never have and never will), I think you might want to go with something more... I don't know. I think you should look to JRockers for advice. Try Miyavi, hide, anyone from Dir en Grey, or Hamasaki Ayumi. Very nice hair in those cases. I can't really tell you. Do what you feel is right. I mean, Hell, it's your head, not mine.

- No, I never have. But ever since I've known him, Jin's been trying to get me to make a rainbow so he can put a nonexistent pot of gold at the end of it. I dearly hope he never sees this post, because that will give him ideas. He already is a handful.

- I don't think it's safe to go outside when it's negative 12* and snowing when you're naked. I think if you're wearing three layers of thick clothing and resemble the little boy from "A Christmas Story," it might. I try to spend my winters in Okinawa, usually. This year, I'm actually going to leave the country and go to Florida, in the United States. I'll be spending my 40* winter in my swim-trunks. You'll be avoiding undressing. Ha.

- No. I'm sorry. I don't want to be a father, and I'm not interested in producing any children, or at least the action that induces it. I'm fine, really, but I'm sure Shishiwakamaru wouldn't mind.

Fear-Me writes:

1.How do you get your hair to stand up like that?
2.Have you ever gotten blinded from one O your own colorful attacks?
3.Has anyone ever laughed at the name O your attacks?
4.Do you diet?
5.Do you cheat in card games?(because I saw you take O card out O your hand and kill someone with it)
6.Have you ever had plastic surgery?
7.Has anyone ever called you O dumb blonde?
8.Has anyone ever mistook you for O girl?

Suzuki replies:

1.) Why, gel and hair glue (and wax) of course, my dear. And lots of it, too.

2.) Yes, I have actually. When I first learned my Rainbow Cyclone Extra Flash before the Makai Bujutsukai. I went blind and was groping around the walls to get to the bathroom, and Jin was laughing at me, and Shishiwaka was making fun of me and Yomi, and Rinku kept jumping in front of me and it was mean. I saw a lot of colours inside my eyelids. I went totally blind. ...It was cool.

3.) Yes, they have. Someone called me gay once because of them. I smiled at the person. They I punched his lights out.

4.) Only after I eat a lot. Mainly after Kodomonohi. Kodomonohi is a horrible time of year for me. There's so much food, and it's all so sweet and fattening, and I have to celebrate it since I live with Rinku. And then, like, three days afterwards is Jin's birthday (which he still celebrates, even though he doesn't know how old he is), so there's a lot to eat then, too. I usually just eat for a few days or a week after those kind of holidays... I'll drink things, though, not to worry.

5.) Only when I'm playing with Chuu, who won't notice, or Shishiwakamaru, who doesn't know how to play well. It's quite fun.

6.) No. And I never will. I'm far too beautiful (and shall always be). Why? Does it look like I have? If so, I'll be very upset and offended, and I'd run away, sit in a dark corner with my accoustic guitar, cry, cut my wrists with a plastic spork, and then write a song about it all. (::Fear the emo-ness::)

7.) Yes. It's mainly Shishiwakamaru and Touya who do that, but sometimes everyone else will join in. (Once Jin was trying to dye his hair for a Halloween party, and it turned out blonde, so I got revenge, because I had temporarily dyed my hair black; I had to.) Once, I didn't get a really stupid joke with an obvious pun that Rinku told us at lunch, and Touya called me a dumb blonde. I called him a dumb blue-and-green. He stared at me very oddly. I said then "And at least my hair is one colour." "At least I'm unconventional," he says. "Your face is unconventional." "Your mom," he says. "Your face," I say. "Your mom's face." And that was the giant argument between Touya and Suzuki! Jin was sick and in bed. Good thing, too, because he'd be throwing in "Your mom goes to college"'s, and "why don't you go eat a decroted peice of crap"'s... Sigh. Yeah, many people call me a dumb blonde, but I try to come up with a witty comeback to prove them wrong; it just doesn't work with Touya for some reason. Or Jin, damn his brilliant sense of humour.

8.) No, never. What are you implying? I'm very offended, here!