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The Colours of Conceit

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Shout-Outs to Signers

Nyan nyan... you make me chou supa happy, minna-san! o*('ω')*o
Plan? Updated monthly. If you sign more, you'll feel loved more. And maybe get a friend. I like friends. I named all my friends at school. And on the Internet. But I clearly stated they couldn't re-name me, but, noo~, Caroline (Unolai) and Charlotte (Megan) have to go and call me "Bob" and "Moomsies...!" ...Anyway. You might make a friend because I tend to go off topic and I'm just a totally awesome person to be friends with. (I'm even stylish! Rock le Oshare Kei!) If I don't reply, though, it's nothing personal. If you just say "great site" or whatnot, then the only thin I can say is "thanks." But I automatically thank you anyway, be it posted or not; just know that. Much love! <3

To: Sniper
From: Dai-sama
Same as below. What's with you guys? I'll draw a Sniper shrine on Paint... ...with Suzuki's foot kicking it. No offence. But seriously. W.t.f? (Just kidding. But I'll put something with Sniper on here once it's all done on SiteBuilder... which is a long ways away.)

To: Princess Lilo
Luv - Luv: Dai-sama
..."I loved your Suzuki shrine! ...Post some pictures of Hiei!" W...t...f..? I'll draw something on paint with Suzuki and Hiei in it or something for you once the new site is up. I'm so nice.

To: Rosey
Luv - Luv: Dai-sama
You people keep comng and coming. It's probably got something to do with LiveJournal and my meeting of new Yuuhaku fans who spread my work, therefore I get a lot of G.B. signs... but I'm going to blame it on Miku from AnCafe. Because I stole his emoticons. (Anyone notice?) OR... It's because I've finally become semi-content with my fashion and I'm not wearing black anymore! Except for my awesome loli skirt. Heck yes. Yeah. That's it. Because I'm stylish and schmeckzy now, so everyone wants to acknowledge me. And don't thank me. (*^^*) (...You know it's the ONLY Suzuki shrine. So it's got to be the best. Hahaha!) !!!!!!!! Is Flowers of Blood back up!? And I updated. Go look around again. It's a scavenger hunt of uber supaness.

To: Mercutio
Luv - Luv: Dai-sama
1.) He's MY Suzuki. I made the shrine. Therefore he's my personal property. Nyan nyan...! But I'm very happy you're so thrilled about it. (You missed all my "Grr, I don't like anime anymore, I wanna take it down!" drama! You lemur!) Yes, in the 19th volume of the manga, I believe, Koto, Juri, and Ruka admit their love for people. (Juri to Touya, Ruka to Jin.) It's actually rather funny, and I have the scans, translated, if you'd like to see. ( Thanks for viewing! And the dubbed quotes are coming soon, since I bought the DVD finally... I'm just a bum. (It's genetic. All my personality flaws are. Blame my father.)

To: Omi-san
Luv - luv: Dai-sama
Your wish is granted. And more. Completely re-making it, as you may or may not know. But I granted your wish. I feel so... so... MAGICARU! ::para-para:: o*('ω')*o
(...Thanks for viewing. I'd hug your head if there wasn't a screen in the way.)