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The Colours of Conceit

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.::Chapter One::. The Intervention Begins!

" Hi there! This is Neko-chan saying…I own nothing!

Shishi got dumped!

It was truly a beautiful spring day. The sakura blossoms were in full bloom, birds were chirping, and couples were taking long pleasure stoles hand in hand. There was one particular house that was home to five happy occupants; two ninjas, one drunken Aussie, an ex-clown, and a yo-yo kid. However, there was also another occupant. This person was a bird-demon samurai.

His name was Shishiwakamaru; know to his ever-adoring fan girls as Shishi. The charmed looking man was known for his good looks, and well kept appearance. There he lay on his futon in his black boxers with little red kiss lips on them. His body, and the rest of his room were surrounded by chips, pocky boxes, and a ton of cans of empty litchi cola. You see our poor vain little birdie had just been dumped!

“I’m…so…not pretty…not ugly, but not pretty…”

Don’t worry Shishi wasn’t dumped by someone he loved, Inari no! He had just been…dumped. Him Shishiwakamru dumped! These words were not supposed to go together! “I don’t understand…I have my own fan club! How the hell could I have been dumped?”


The other occupants of the house looked up at the ceiling from the living room, where the shouting was coming from.

“He’s been in there for a week.” Touya stated. “He’s really starting to let himself go.”

“Touya’s right.” Suzuka sighed. “…I feel guilty.”

“Why?” Everyone asked.

“He got dumped mate. How does that make ya feel guilty?” Chuu asked.

“Yeah, how cou’d ya be fell’n that way. Tis got noth’n to do with ya?” The wind master asked.

“…Err. Nothing must just be a sympathy pain instead…or something.” Suzuka chuckled nervously receiving weird stares from his friends.

“Hmm. It’s not that he’s not training or leaving his room. Not to mention that fact that he’s eating all MY junk food!” Rinku huffed. “He’s just so…quiet. My room is right next to his, and I played that song ‘Scotty doesn’t know’ like 30 times in a row and he didn’t once yell at me.”

Everyone sighed, and Suzuka coughed. “We have to get him out of there.” Touya stated.

“OH! I’ve got an idea, Toy!” Jin smiled, his ears pointed up and wiggling.

“Don’t hurt yourself, mate.” Chuu warned.

“That would explain the beads of sweat.” Suzuka mumbled.

“You do look flushed.” Touya observed.

“Shishi’s doomed.” Rinku concluded.

“Now, now h’air me out guys!”


“We’re going to do…an intermission!”

Sweat drop

“This isn’t a play Jin.” Suzuka stated.

“I think he means, an intervention.” Touya corrected.

“Are you sure?” Rinku spoke up, “I mean if we all gang up on Shishi…well he does still have his sword…and his claws and teeth.”

“Well it’s the only way, ee’s evar go’in to get up!” Jin said, ears standing on end in excitement.

“I never thought I’d say this…but Jin’s right.” Touya said, eyes darting around waiting to be struck by lightening. This was the sign for the end of the world, wasn’t it?

“Alright! Everyone in?”

/Chorus of mumbled ‘yes’s/

“Great…who’s first?”

Everyone then turned to face Suzuka. “Okay, I’ll go up there one last time and try to reason with him.”

“Here,” Touya said handing him a tray with pancakes. “His daily meal besides all the junk food he’s been stuffing himself on.”

Suzuka nodded, took the tray, and headed up stairs. Once he arrived in front of the room he knocked on the door with his knee. “Um…Shishiwakamaru? I…I got some breakfast for you. Why don’t you come out and eat it with the rest of us?”

“YOU KNOW THE DRILL! LEAVE THE TRAY BY THE DOOR AND BACK AWAY!” Suzuka ‘eeped’, dropped the tray, and ran back down stairs.


“Okay, it’s time to start.” Touya announced. “Chuu, you’re our first man in.”

“Really?” The Aussie asked standing. “I’m honored you bastards picked me. Don’t worry I’ll give ol’ Shishi a good talking to.” Chuu started up the stairs. (Hey just so you know in Australia, ‘Bastard’ is actually a term of affection between friends, kind of like the Japanese suffixes like chan and kun. Don’t worry Chuu’s not being mean!)

45 seconds later…

Chuu came tumbling down the stairs. “He-just-Good Lord in heaven!” Suzuka came up and tried to comfort the Aussie demon. “There, there. We knew he’d send away the first one. Could not afford to blow one of our strong opponents.

“That’s it I’m going.” Rinku said putting down his game boy.

“You are?” Touya asked. “That’s very brave of you.”

“Brave nothing!” Rinku huffed. “He has my Pocky!” Rinku yelled running up the stairs to win his snack back!


“Well Rinku’s been up there a pretty long time.” Suzuka mussed.


“Time check.” Touya ordered.

“14 minutes.”

“Too long! Too long!”

“Shishi could have smothered him with a pillow…” Suzuka mused. “And we would never have known.”


“We have got to get Rinku out of there!”

“Chuu,” Touya spoke. “Go get him.”

“ME? Are you mad, mate? I can’t, I close my eyes and I still see that-that face. It was just horrible.”

“He’s like your lad!” Jin added. “Go get ‘em!”

Chuu looked up at his pressuring ‘friends’. “Lets draw straws!”


Chuu stood outside of Shishi’s room and slowly opened the door. He peered his head inside only to find Rinku curled up at the foot of Shishi’s bed surrounded by Pocky boxes. Perched higher on the bed was Shishi clad only in his kiss boxers playing with Rinku’s game boy. ‘Must have done a trade.’ Chuu guessed. Suddenly Shishi paused the game allowing his head to slowly roll towards the door. Horns popped out of his head and his nose shrank some as he let out a low growl. Chuu panicked not wanting to relive the last nightmare, closed the door and ran back down stairs.

And that concludes chapter one! [Please don’t flame me!] I really love Shishi, and Jin, and the others. I don’t mean to bash them so much so don’t take it personally if you are a die-hard fan. I feel that way for Touya. Next chapter, what’s going on? Will Rinku get out of the room? Will Chu recover? Who’s going in next? And what is up with Suzuka? Why is he so nervous? [Your reviews help the story get up faster, next time on Shishi got dumped!] "


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