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The Colours of Conceit

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Dawn-To-Dark; "Chapter II"

Yeah… so, I’ve been procrastinating… Sod off… XP Rinku is very much like my eight-year-old cousin, Kirky, whom I live with. Except Rinku’s nicer. And funnier. And not as scary. And Rinku doesn’t beat you up for calling him a dog-lover… …I kinda wish Rinku and Kirky could switch places! T-T But I still think Kirky is the greatest kid alive, even though he can be SUCH an ASSHOLE! Anyway. So this is the second chapter! Yup! …Mmhmm, sure is! Uhh… I wrote it… and… uhh… MY NAILS ARE PAINTED GREEN! …Point in case: I have nothing to say… So… erm…have fun reading! XD

“And a one, and a two! Work those arms, Shishi! One, two! One, two!”

A child’s laughter boomed through the door, echoing slightly in the hall. The door shook furiously as an enraged samurai pounded it. White fangs poked the pale pink lips of him, a loud growl erupting from within his throat. The child on the other side of the abused door shrieked with youthful laughter, and something could be heard falling to the floor. The samurai played with the handle of the door again, both hands grasping it and wiggling it violently. More childish laughter.

“OPEN UP, YOU HELL-SENT MIDGET!” The samurai shouted shrilly, his fist pounding on the door continuously. Across the hall, a short distance from the hectic scene, the blonde man leant against the frame of his open doorway, a lopsided grin spread across his face. He looked at the blue-haired swordsman, chuckling softly, chin turned down to crossed arms. The samurai shot Suzuki a glare, eyes wild and hair just as perfect as it always was. Suzuki pushed himself from the wall slowly, his facial expression turning into an incredulous smirk with half-closed eyes. Shishi trotted towards him, ceasing his banging on Rinku’s door. Suzuki gazed at the man in front of him, grinning jokingly. Shishi furrowed his brow, scrunching up his nose.

“Want some help there, Bird-Boy?” Suzuki laughed, placing his hand on Shishi’s shoulder. The said samurai tossed it off, pointing his finger at Suzuki menacingly, stepping forward in a rage, which surprised Suzuki.

“I don’t need HELP, I need a psychiatrist! I don’t need a psychiatrist, I need a miracle! And if I need a miracle, then I need to move the Hell out of THIS house!” Shishi growled moving closer to the blonde. “AND I DON’T NEED YOUR INSULTING NICK-NAMES! But if you INSIST on calling me by them, then I must INSIST I shove my katana up your ass side-ways!” Shishi fumed through gritted teeth. Suzuki drew back, still visibly shocked.

“Well then,” Suzuki began, a short silence passing between the two afterwards. “Do you need help packing, SHISHIWAKAMARU-SAMA?” Suzuki questioned, another grin appearing on his face as he pushed the samurai’s chest playfully. Shishi roared with rage as he shoved the ex-clown to the side and stomped off into his bedroom. The door slammed loudly, the vibrations bouncing of the walls of the quiet hall.

Suzuki was shocked for a second, his blue-green eyes staring after the samurai at the shut door. After that second passed and all was silent once more, save the soft brush of a door opening behind him, and his own quiet breathing, Suzuki began howling with laughter, clasping his ribs with his hands, nearly doubling over. Rinku poked his head out from the bedroom he had locked himself in, unsure if Shishiwakamaru was still out here, ready to beat him to a bloody pulp.

“What just happened…?” Rinku questioned in a small voice. Suzuki smiled sweetly at the smaller demon.

“I was about to ask you the same.”

Rinku stared at him, a nervous look on his face. Suzuki cocked an eyebrow at the child, fully expecting an answer to the question. Rinku smiled wryly and began to run away behind Suzuki at a slow trot. Suzuki grabbed Rinku by the back of his shirt collar, hoisting him up into the air. Suzuki smiled at Rinku as the boy struggled in his grasp, kicking at the air, thrusting his fists at the older demon.

“Lemmee down, you lump!” Rinku cried, smacking Suzuki’s arm with his hand. Suzuki chuckled, smiling at the child.

”Care to tell me what exactly you did to Shishi to get him so fired up? Not that it takes much to get him fired up, but still…” Suzuki grinned. Rinku’s head turned the other way, a guilty air to his presence. Suzuki ruffled Rinku’s hat with his free hand, a jovial glint in his eyes.

“Well, we were just foolin’ around, same thing from breakfast, and then I called him a name, and he got mad, and he started chasing me with his sword, so I locked myself in my room and then he went ape-shit and he kept at it and almost beat down my door and he scared me and then I was gonna hit him with my yo-yo’s and run away because he’s scary and then you came! I didn’t do anything but call him a name—or two—I swear!” Rinku pleaded, closing his eyes, pathetically gasping it all out in one breath. Suzuki furrowed his brow at the petite demon in his grasp, a solemn look on his face. He let Rinku to the floor, leaning down after him. Rinku attempted to dash away, but was only stopped by Suzuki grabbing the back waistband of his pants, drawing him back.

“What did you call Shishiwakamaru, Rinku?” Suzuki said in a sober tone, turning the child round by his shoulders. Rinku smiled nervously, laughing in a small voice. Suzuki narrowed his brow further, coughing in anticipation. Rinku grinned, a guilty chortle sounding from him.

“Well, it’s a funny thing; y’see—“

“You’re not an innocent—you never are! What’d you say? I won’t be mad!” Rinku’s eyes dashed from side to side, and he looked over his shoulder nervously, glancing back at Shishi’s bedroom door, which remained closed. He looked back to Suzuki, and leant in, beginning to whisper.

“I called him a blue, as in purple—“


“…erotic… since he’s got his ‘little’ black book, and fan-club, and all of them gals and stuff…” Rinku answered quietly. Suzuki nodded in understanding, silently telling Rinku to continue.

“A blue, womanizing, temperamental, ass-fucked bitch with no sense of humour… And then I went like this,” Rinku pulled his eyelid down with his middle finger and stuck out his tongue, “and blew him a raspberry.” Rinku acted upon said noise. Suzuki gaped at him, mouth slightly open in an up-turned soon-to-be grin. Rinku looked about the hall in which they were sitting, and then cupped his hand, continuing to whisper to the blonde man in front of him. “And I called him a crazy old man who plays with wooden sticks earlier… And a couple of days ago, I made a joke about that song Chuu plays so much when he’s drunk ‘coz he thinks it’s so damn funny…”

“Which one?”

“The one… um…” Rinku began to sing in a half-hearted tone, dropping his hand to his thigh. “I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think sooo…!” He cast his eyes down, disapproving of his singing voice. Suzuki smiled wonkily, shaking his head and rising to his feet.

“D’ye know what that’s about, Rinku?” He said in a soft tone.

“Jaaa…!” Rinku scoffed assuring the man, following suit and standing up, placing his arms behind his head. Suzuki’s eyes widened, surprised. He looked down questioningly at the boy, who looked up smiling.

“Oh-ho? What then, Mr. Smarty-Pants?”

“Masturbation, DUH! Shishi’s beats the wood more that a lumberjack practicing kung fu! I’ve walked in on him before; it’s totally gross!” Suzuki’s eyes widened even more, gasping at Rinku’s unpredicted maturity. “Are we DONE now…!” Rinku groaned boredly. ((Dai-sama’s Notation: Yes, I know ‘boredly’ isn’t an actual word, but we all know what it means and that it SHOULD be a word, so I could really care less and shall use it at will. Mwuhaha. Sanku.)) Suzuki nodded, his mouth still slightly open, eyes still wide.

“Rinkuuuuuuuuu!” The sound of Chuu’s drunken voice reached their ears from downstairs. Rinku clicked his tongue at Suzuki, placing his left wrist in the back of his elbow, forming a fist in each hand; his right arm was perfectly straight, and vertical, as the left was horizontal; a Western hand motion similar to that of sticking up your middle finger at someone. They both basically state “fuck you.”

“I’Mgoing to go watch my TV shows now… Could’ja keep Shishi locked up in his ‘cage?’ Please an’ thank you! Smell ya later, SUZIE!” Rinku called playfully, waving at the blonde man in the hall as he made his way towards the stairs quickly.

Suzuki shook his head and continued on his way, back to his room, to finish socializing with Lorilei, the beta fish. Once again, hectic morning. Once again, it was not over.

Suzuki: It never is! Woe! T-T

Dai-sama: …--ahem—ANYWAY. This was the second chapter! Long delay! Hahaha! ..Gomen nesai, mina-san… Domo arigatou gozaimasu, mina-san! Aishiteru! LOVE AND PEACE!