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The Colours of Conceit

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Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner; Chapter One: It Is Dead!

Oh no…I’ve done it again. I let my imagination out for only one college lecture…and this is what happened. I came up with an idea. Then…when I went to my friends house that afternoon. We were listening to the Phantom of the opera soundtrack my muse soundtrack for creativity. My friend Ashlen was drawing…and I started to write. Onnas and Otakus I remind you that I own nothing…and now I present…

Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner.

“Damn it!” Shishiwakamaru yelled shaking the very rafters of the six fighters home. “Suzuka!” The bird samurai shouted, “The damn vacuum clogged again!”

The blonde ex-clown sighed, setting down the new weapon he had been working on. “What were you cleaning?”


“Shishi? Were you vacuuming out your hairbrush again?”

“…Maybe.” Suzuka sighed, “That damn vacuum’s ‘bout had it.” The blonde mumbled. It was the truth. The antique Hoover had died and come back more times than a DBZ character, Suzuka mused on his way downstairs to inspect the failed appliance. Arriving at his destination he picked up the vacuum and began to inspect the front of the vacuum pulling out continues strands of Shishi’s powder-puff blue hair. “I told you not to do that.” Suzuka mumbled.

“Goman.” Shishi mumbled back holding his now clean hairbrush.

Suzuka sighed his lips pressing into a thin line much like a serious doctor. “There is no hope, I’m pulling the plug.” Suzuka emphasized pulling the electric plug from the wall outlet.

“What happened?” Touya, the master of ice, asked coming down the stairs. “Ah, Shishi vacuumed his hair brush again?”

“Yup, and now the vacuum’s dead.”

“Great.” The koori demon sighed.

“Can’t ye just fix it?” Jin asked, floating into the living room.

“I don’t think so.” Suzuka admitted. “But…maybe…if I made it better-“

“NO!” “What?” Suzuka asked.

“Over my dead body!” Shishi started.

“Remember your ‘Super toaster?’” Touya asked.

(Insert flashback here)

“Okay, that should do it.” Suzuka finished, as he poured the last of the growth potion into the toaster.

“Now what does this do again, mate?” Chu asked as he and the others sat in the kitchen to witness Suzuka’s newest creation.

“This should allow anything that goes in the toaster to double in size, and give us more toast with only one slice of bread, for example.” Suzuka stated grabbing a piece of wheat toast and sticking it in the toaster and waiting five minutes.


“Nothing happened.” Touya observed, at the normal piece of now cooked toast.

“Just wait.” Suzuka assured putting the toast on the table. Everyone leaned closer watching the bread product.

“Hey, I think it’s growing.” Rinku pointed. In fact the piece of bread was growing and now doubled in size.

“Hey it’s grow’n like a weed, it is!” Jin cheered.

“Um…Suzuka?” Touya hesitated.


“When exactly is it supposed to stop growing?”

“Um…soon?” The blonde started sweating. Three minutes later the toast was now the size of the table.

“She’s gonna blow!” Jin yelled, backing away from the table slowly.

“It’s not stopping!” Shishi yelled. “Suzuka what now!”

“Uh…I don’t know.” The beautiful fighter admitted, just as the table gave way under the continuous growing slice of bread.

“Well then your ‘beautiful’ little brain better think of something fast! It’s already half the size of the kitchen!” The bird demon yelled.

“Uh-uh-um…START EATING!” Suzuka panicked.

“You have got to be kidding.” Touya stared.

“You got a better idea?”

(Present time)

“So much toast.” Jin whispered, holding his stomach and rocking back and forth on his heels. “So much toast.”

“Not enough butter.” Touya mused.

“I’m not even going to bring up when Chu forgot about the toaster being contaminated.” Shsihi reminded. “And put a bagel in there.”

“So much bagel.” Jin moaned.

“Too much cream cheese.” Touya sighed, turning his face slightly to show a green tint on his cheeks.

“Promise us you wont ‘tinker’ with the vacuum.” Shishi glared.

“Fine, I promise not to tinker with the vacuum.” Suzuka muttered.

“Good.” The samurai sighed.

‘ At least not today’ Suzuka thought uncrossing his fingers from behind his back.

Oh no what have I done! Suzuka’s going to tinker! What is tinkering…find out in the next chapter, [ONLY if I get reviews]! Once again I own nothing! Thanks for reading and [please review]! Thanks!




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