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The Colours of Conceit

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Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner; Chapter Two: It Is Alive!
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Dark storm clouds seemed to pass over the six fighter’s home. Lightening crackled and thunder roared, however sense the fighters were all sleeping the weather didn’t even cause a sigh. Yes, all fighters were sleeping…except for Suzuka.

The ex-clown was now in his room hunched over the low table. This table was covered with blue prints and tools parts and more parts. “Just this one more screw…got it!” Suzuka smiled making the final alterations to his newest masterpiece. “I am a genius.” The blonde complimented himself. “Just wait Shishi, I’ll show you what my beautiful tinkering is truly capable of!” Suzuka declared taking his newest creation and bringing it the window the blonde pulled a lever causing the part of the floor the machine was on to rise up and through the open sky light. The machinery held up there silent until lightening struck it. “MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!”

The next morning, or shall we say afternoon, the other five were up and about in the kitchen. Shishi and Touya were both fighting over different parts of the paper. Rinku was eating a sandwich, Chu was getting a start on his afternoon sake, and Jin was still having nightmares about the giant piece of toast. Just as Shishi traded the local section with Touya for the entertainment Suzuka came in smiling. “Good morning.”

“Good afternoon is more like it.” Shishi mumbled. “Where you screaming last night?”

“Who me? Nope!” Suzuka smiled grabbing one of the sandwiches on the table. “You’re in a good mood.” Rinku commented. “Lots of beauty sleep.”

“Oh.” Shishi sighed putting a few things together. “What?” Suzuka asked swallowing part of his B.L.T.

“You’re smiling, you slept in, you were just humming, and I heard screaming last night.” Shishi fumed.

“Yes?” The blonde fighter blinked.

“You did all of those things during the dark tournament. That means A. We should all stay in the kitchen and give your lady friend a chance to shower and leave or B. You had your hands around something else last night!” Shishi’s horns were now all the way out. If he fumed anymore he would have lost control completely and been in his bird form.

“Wow, Suzuka mate.” Chu observed. “I didn’t know you swam that way.”

“I’m talking about tinkering with the vacuum you sicko!” Shishi yelled.

“Okay…I admit it” Suzuka smiled. “I was tinkering. What are you going to do Shishi? Ground me and take the car away for a month?”

“I’m close.” “Oh just give me a chance. I’ll give you a demonstration.”

“You mean like the toaster?” Touya reminded.

“Not the toaster!” Jin screamed running out of the room.

“Oops.” Touya mumbled watching the wind master flee.

“How about if I promise that no one gets hurt, or has to consume large portions of bread products?” Suzuka asked.

“Fine.” Shishi sighed as he and the rest of the roommates, minus Jin, followed the inventor into the living room. There stood the monstrosity! What was actually one vacuum cleaner looked like four. Each vacuum was facing back to back in the shape of a square. “You see it moves as one unit! It has a built in censor that senses the dirtiest area and it moves to that area, cleans it, and then finds the less dirty areas. It’s also cordless so it can move on its own. It also can go up stairs so it can clean our rooms. It doesn’t need any kind of manual operation, except for basic settings, and the on off switch.”

“Chu I’m afraid.” Rinku whispered.

“I think we all should be little bugger.” The Aussie admitted.

“And now!” Suzuka huffed grabbing back his spot light. “I shall demonstrate.” With that the blonde pulled out none other than Shishiwakamaru’s hairbrush.

“Where did you get that?” The bird demon fumed.

“Your bathroom.”

“Give it back!”

“All in good time my friend.” Suzuka smiled walking to the opposite side of the room, the farther side away from the vacuum. The blonde placed the hairbrush down and then walked to the other side of the room where the vacuum was. “Gentlemen I give you…my super beautiful vacuum.” With that Suzuka hit the power button, out of nowhere the overture for phantom of the opera started to play. (Just kidding, but if you’ve heard that played before on the organs you get what I’m talking about) As soon as the machine came to life an antenna came from the middle. The metal rod beeped, and the vacuum raced off to Shishi’s hairbrush. A giant hose came out and began to suck the hair out of the samurai’s hygiene product.

“I don’t believe it. It works.” Touya observed, just as the tube sucked up the hairbrush along with the hair. “Then again, I’ve been in this situation before to know not to count chickens before they hatch.”


Oh no, what have I done…besides sucking up Shishiwakamaru’s hairbrush. Stay tuned the story is not over yet![I am waiting for your reviews! The more reviews the faster I work!]So if you want to see what or who the vacuum will suck up next.[Review! Thanks!]

Hiei's Gothic Angel Glad you like. Mama always said I had too much imagination. LOL. I’m sorry I couldn’t help forever giving Jin a phobia of toast, but I’m glad you find it as amusing as I do.

Evanesence's Dark Angel- Well it seems everyone loves Jin, he is definitely up there on my favorites, but so far I’m glad that every thinks my story is funny. Thanks for reading.

silver-kyubi- No don’t make me face your wrath! Here’s the update! And yes my DBZ reference is sad, but true. Enjoy!

Kurama's Fox - Ritsu's Monkey- Yikes everyone wants to give me wrath! And it’s not even the Rath Illuser from Dragon Knights sigh, well is this fast enough? I typed this up right after I got your review. Thank you for all the feedback! I love hearing exactly what people like in my stories. And yes, I always had a mental image of how Shishi cleaned his hairbrush. I can now die happy knowing I have shared it with the rest of the anime-obsessed fans. I hope this chapter finds you well, and I hope you review again!

Thank you to all my reviewers and[keep ‘em coming!]




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