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The Colours of Conceit

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Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner; Chapter Four: It Is Over!
Yikes! Sorry it took so long! I had Internet problems, so I couldn’t exactly upload this chapter. So without further delay, the final chapter of Suzuka-

Suzuka steps out. “Ahem.”

Er…Beautiful Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum! I own nothing!

Moments after Rinku had been sucked up Touya rushed to get help. Soon he arrived with the four other demon fighters. “Little buddy! Are you okay?” Chuu yelled into the vacuum cleaner hose.

“Yes I’m fine! I’m deaf now but I’m fine!” The child yelled back at the Aussie.

“Rinku?” Suzuka asked. “What exactly happened?”

“The vacuum came into my room to clean and then tried to suck up my yo-yos. I grabbed them and before I knew it I was in here.”

“Hmm…were your yo-yos dirty?” The clown asked, everyone face faulted.

“You moron.” Shishi hissed. “Can’t you see this damn contraption of yours is just a pain? It doesn’t work, and it’s going to be the end of us! Just like that damn toaster!”

“Not the toaster!” Jin screamed, ready to fly out the window. Touya grabbed him. “Enough with that.” The ice master said. “It’s not like it was that traumatic. At least compared to the blinder.”

“Not the blinder!” Both elf and Aussie demon shouted, hugging each other for dear life at the memory.

“Enough!” Suzuka shouted. “Now I just need to tinker-“ Suzuka stopped at the word after receiving Shishi’s look.

“Er-twik with it a little and it will function normally.”

“And what am I suppose to do?” Rinku asked from inside. “Build a house out of the playboys in here?”

“It sucked up my playboys?” Shishi screamed.

“What about my Penthouses?” Chu asked.

“What’s the difference?” Touya asked.

“A lot!” The two answered.

“Suzuka!” Shishi growled. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to us if you tweak with that vacuum, but I will tell you what’s going to happen to YOU if Ms. July doesn’t get out of that vacuum, and it’s not BEAUTIFUL!”

The ex-clown gulped in fear of the samurai, who had now sprouted his horns. “Yes Shishi. I’ll get her out…As soon as I figure out how to do it without messing up the tracking system.”

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Shishi lunged at the beautiful clown and began throttling him. He straddled the fighter, pinned him to the ground, and began to bang his head on the floor. Emphasizing every word he spoke or yelled in this case.

“Every, bang, time, bang, you, bang, tinker, bang, it, bang, always, bang, costs, bang, me, bang, something, bang!” During this little adventure Chu had discovered something interesting. Around the hose of the vacuum there was a bright shiny switch that read suck and blow. Curiosity always happened to be one of Chu’s weaknesses so the Aussie stood up and began reaching for the switch.

Despite being beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry birdie, Suzuka was aware of Chu’s movements and desperately tried to stop him. Summoning the strength he wasn’t aware he still had, Suzuka pushed Shishi off of him. The clown seemed to watch the whole scene play in slow motion. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” The clown cried as the Aussie flipped the switch from suck to blow. Within seconds Chu and Rinku’s room, not to mention the occupants, were covered in dust, hair, and well dust. Lots and lots of dust, the six fighters looked around at the room and the things that now seemed to litter it.

“Rinku? You alright lad?” Chu asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Except I found my old hamster.” Rinku said pointing to a moldy green pile of smells.

“Ewww.” Chu observed. “Well, he wont be runn’in that wheel anytime soon, will he? Hm. Hey me penthouses!” Chu cheered holding his beloved magazines.

“And my playboys!” Shishi exclaimed. “Ms. July? Are you harmed?” The bird asked nuzzling the cover.

“Rinku did you have a teddy bear?” Touya asked dusting off a bear that had landed by his feet.

“Mr. Buttons!” Jin yelled, grabbing the teddy bear and squeezing it. This, as you can imagine, caused the wind master to receive some awkward stairs. “Uh…what?”

“Now Suzuka.” Shishi breathed, after collecting his magazines and his hairbrush. “Clean yourself up, and meet me in the car in twenty minutes.”


“We’re going to Sears and buying a vacuum. A real vacuum, that hasn’t been tampered with by a MAD MAN!”

“I prefer the term: BEAUTIFUL artist.” Suzuka smiled before running for dear life as Shishi chased the ‘artist’ around the house. So all in all a new vacuum was bought, the old one was burned, and the beautiful Suzuka promised never to tinker with another vacuum again. Of course…that always left the other appliances available.


Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’m finished with that chapter…the story! Oh my goodness! Thank you to ALL my reviewers. I have never gotten so many reviews for one story! It really gave me the dedication I needed to finish this. Thank you so much! So even though this story is over, [I hope you will all review for my last chapter and tell me how you liked my ending!]

For those of you who haven’t read my stories up until now, I want to say that I love these characters! So I’m trying to honor each one with their very own story. I have already written: Shishi got dumped, Jin’s St. Patrick’s Day, and now Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum. So I hope you will all read up on my next one. Touya and Rinku are next in line, though it will probably be Rinku next. For those of you who have seen King Urameshi, you may be able to guess were this story is going. So thank you for reading and [please review again!] Love and thanks to all my reviewers! Thank you!

silver-kyubi: Yes a dead hamster…don’t ask. I hope the description I gave was enough for your liking.

Hiei's Gothic Angel: Glad you like it. Don’t worry Rinku’s out free, just a little dusty and…traumatized.

Jabber-Nut Keith Urban's lover: I always try to write to my reviewers. I’d like to show some acknowledgement for the people who went out of their way to compliment me. I’m glad you liked it.

Touyas Mate Kita: I’ll have to check out your stories. After exams. Sigh. Glad you like!

Kratos's Angel/laughs/ Thank you for idolizing. Don’t worry I wont ever forget the chibi Kurama! P.S. In your review, you wrote: “O.O How the heck did kristanite figure out exactly how long each sentence ha to be in order for it to fit exactly? OO I'm lost... XD” I don’t quite understand…but thank you for reading.

kristanite: Well I’m glad I made you laugh at 5:55, AM? It’s 6:45 here, so I’m having a hard time laughing too. Thanks for reading.

Evanesence's Dark Angel: Not the evil fluffy squirrels! I’m glad I made you laugh! I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Though it’s a shocker for me. I have no idea the kind of effect my stories give people. I think their a little funny. And sometimes I cackle as I write. For example when I came up with Jin and the toaster bit. /starts laughing/

RoseAlchemist: I love these characters too. Thanks for reading.

Griever Weapon: I’ve been threatened with Chibi Kuramas, fluffy squirrels, and now giant bread. The one from my own story, ne? Yes Jin is now forever scared when it comes to toasters. It my cause problems on his behalf, but at least we can get some laughs out of it, right? Thanks for reviewing.

Welcome Darkness: My sick twisted mind? He/she who reads the fruits of the sick twisted mind must posses one themselves! Muwhahahaha! But thanks you for reviewing! I hope you enjoyed the ending.

Touyaspenguin: I hope you didn’t hurt yourself on your chair fall. Yes I tried to bring out these characters full potentials. Even though now they’re glaring at me, and making threats of taking away my computer and locking me in a closet…I wonder of Jin will let me borrow Mr. Buttons?

ChibiJessica: Glad you luv. Jin probably wont be as afraid of the vacuum as he was of the toaster, but there will always be scaring, and hopefully therapy.

Sami Fox: Please don’t kill me! Here is your update! In fact I just got your review after I typed this. So here you go. Enjoy!

Thank you to all my reviewers! [Keep it up!]


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