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The Colours of Conceit

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Suzuka and the Magic Vacuum Cleaner; Chapter Two: It Is a Maneater!

I own nothing!

After lots of screaming, hitting, and Suzuka buying Shishi a new hairbrush things began to quiet down. Until, however, it was time to vacuum the house. Suzuka went down stairs and after some minor ‘tinkering’ with the new vacuum he decided it was safe to turn it on and let it run around the house. The former clown gave no second thought as he flipped on the switch then went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Jaws, err I mean, the vacuum came to life with a mighty roar. Inside its current sensors were telling it where the filthiest places in the house were.

‘Upstairs…second door…on the left…’ The vacuum’s antenna went down as it wheeled itself up the stairs and to its destination…Jin’s room.

Reaching the room the vacuum pushed its way in the door then began to detach its hose. Even though Jin shared a room with Touya, Jin’s side of the room was still pretty untidy or by the way the sensors went off a nuclear waste dump. The hose went all along Jin’s side of the room and began to suck up everything in sight. Jin’s belongings, clothes, it even sucked up the elf’s flute and teddy bear! The sensors continued their search seeing that Touya’s side of the room was a lesser priority.

‘Down the hall…to the right…’ The vacuum reeled in its hose and went on its way to Chu and Rinku’s room. The two occupants were fairly messy, and would openly admit that their rooms could use a good cleaning. However, perhaps they shouldn’t have been around to witness the cleaning. Chu was in a hammock in the back yard taking a nap, however the yo-yo child Rinku was in their shared room playing with his yo-yos.

The vacuum zoomed past Rinku and began to suck up things in the closet. The child continued to watch in fascination. “Hey, I guess Suzuka was right that thing does work.” The kid observed as the vacuum continued to suck up Chu’s ‘adult magazines’ however, after it had finished and began to suck up Rinku’s yo-yos. “HEY! Give me back my yo-yos! Suzuka! Your vacuum ate my yo-yos!” The boy demon was now in a tug of war. The vacuum had eat’ in the yo part of Rinku’s toy, and Rinku was holding desperately on to the string as the machine began to pull him closer. “Uh-oh. HELP!”

It was Touya who first answered the cry for help. “What’s going on?” Touya arrived in the room just in time to see the brown haired boy be sucked up into the vacuum. “Rinku!”

Touya used his ninja abilities to leap over the machine and press the off button.

“Rinku!” Touya shouted in the hose of the vacuum. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah! I’m stuck!”

“Don’t worry.” The ice ninja assured. “I’ll go get Suzuka, he’ll get you out.”

“Okay hurry! Ewwww.” The protest was echoed through the vacuum and out the hose.

“What is it?” The shinobi asked.

“I…I think I just found my old hamster.”

Wow! What have I done! Poor Rinku will he get out of there alive? Will Suzuka have to destroy his beautiful creation? Will Jin ever stop being afraid of toast? To find out press the little purple button and review! Remember I own nothing! And to my previous reviewers; thank you! Please continue to leave your opinions.

Jabber-Nut Marshmellow: Yea! Another obsessed anime fan! Here is your update I hope you like! Please do not send marshmallows, unless they come with gram crackers and chocolate…oh great now I have a craving for smores…


I’m glad my story made you laugh that much. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

silver-kyubi-Well now you know who got sucked up, the only question is, will they get out alive? Muwhahahahahhahaha. Yes poor Jin, though I don’t think he has a choice.

TouyasIceMaiden1300- Glad you love it. Question, did at one point you have fan fiction hosted here? If so I liked your stories. You should repost them.

Gemini Star01: Yes the evil crazy vacuum lives on!

Relick: Kurama, you shouldn’t hit women! Bad kitsune! Anyhow, here is your chapter. Here is your ‘more’ Enjoy!

Hiei's Gothic Angel- Yay! Everyone wants more! I can’t tell you how flattered I am that my story made you laugh.

Kurama's Fox - Ritsu's Monkey- No not the chibi Kuramas! Oh dear gods…someone who sees me as an idol…I pity you! Get help while you still can! LOL! Thank you very much for your compliment. Yes everything is original as far as plot and chapter titles go. From my sick twisted mind to the computer I type on. Glad you enjoyed.

Oh gods, so many reviewers! I’m so happy! [Please keep them coming] thank you all again!


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